Monday, 27 July 2009

Are You Being Serious Right Now???

I know some silly people who think racism no longer exists.

The recent incident involving - Wole Soyinka protegé - Henry Louis Gates slaps people like them in the face. Now unbelievers will take Kanye's words in "Jesus Walks" with a pinch of salt. Read more and watch video HERE

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Why Nigerian art will continue to suffer!

If you are anything like me (okay, you're not). But if you are an art enthusiast or even just an admirer, you will more than likely have explored the potential of the artists from your own country. This is because their work will inevitably hit a sentimental soft spot; as you might have been subliminally exposed to some of their themes in your growing years.
In my own exploration, i've come to find that most successful Nigerian artists - although tradtionally influenced - are based and exhibit in Europe or America (as with sports, academia, literature and any other form of expression really).
To this phenomenon, I have recently come across a strong answer to the question "Why so?".
You too can have this question answered by clicking HERE

Monday, 20 July 2009

Yinka Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare amongst others such as Chris Ofili and Ben Enwonwu - Is an uber talented artist whose exhibition I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand.
You too can experience his talent as I have sought out pictures of his work for you to admire by clicking HERE and HERE. Please check out his entire profile!

Obasanjo on HARDtalk

This is old, but a lot of people have not seen it and I would like them to come across it on this forum.

Britain’s dirty little secret

OH YES! I never once thought Trafigura would be the only case to be uncovered on this issue! It's like a Pandoras box really - uncover one and you jst can't stop the rest rearing their ugly heads. The western world should be ashamed of itself!
Read more HERE..

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Colonialism in 10 Minutes: The Scramble For Africa

For the people who still don't know.

Michael Jackson Tribute Montage

May you have eternal rest in God's peace! You deserve it for all the people you made happy!